Scalping Rules using Option Scalper

Demo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geEtyrb1fG0

Chart : https://tradingtoolx.com/chart/x929/


  1. Watch Above video first and open above chart.
  1. Make sure all signals or at least 8 signals out of ten is same colour.(including scalper tool)
  1. if all 10 or at least 8 signals are green -> press up arrow
  1. if all 10 or at least 8 signals are red -> press down arrow
  1. once you get 2 or 3 points profit , immediately press B to break even your position.
  1. once you get 5 or 10 points press T to manually trail for every 5 or 10 points.Recommended M trail is 4 for BN and 3 for nifty.Feel free to increase if you trading in ITM.
  1. Keep automatic trail to 10 to 15 points , just in case there is sudden reversal.
  1. If you are in loss or under 1 or 2 points profit and if all signals / 8 signal changes , press X or Z to square off the position.
  1. For high success rate don’t buy call or put when in top area and don’t sell call or put when prices in bottom area during scalping (see bottom of this page for example)
  1. For high probability do all the above only when ATR > 25 or 30
  1. To avoid slippages and SL hitting often , try to choose option premium which is round of 500 or 1000 for BN and 100's in nifty or choose strikes which has good market depth (check example image below)
  1. SL is always 2 to 4 points or 2% of premium.. target is unlimited , keep trailing.

Recommended Settings for Banknifty

Recommended Settings for Nifty

Top and Bottom area for call and put in oneclick trader

(Press D) to enable market depth in oneclick

High liquid (good market depth ) option example

Gives less slippage and good for high quality scalping

Low liquid (bad market depth) option example

Gives high slippage and can be done only for 1 or 2 lots

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