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15 days Diamond plan Trial available at ₹2500


Who can use this Tradingtoolx ?
Tradingtoolx is developed by keeping option traders in mind , Its an single place where option buyers and sellers get everything like IV chart , open interest chart , Live scalping tool for order entry and many more tools.
Will it trade automatically ?
No , you need to trade manually , but you can use one click trade to take trades faster and easily like a pro. And we are not planning for fully automatic trading due to regulators guidelines. - Click here to Read about it (Comment by Nithin - Zerodha CEO)
Will I get support after paying ?
All members will be added to Paid Whatsapp group , where I will be sharing some live analysis daily.You get basic support of setup and installation of one click trader.And I will be sharing video tutorials + PDF . With Full Plan you get 30 mins 1 one 1 sessions for 2 days.
What are the brokers supported in 1 click trader ?
You can place trades to IciciDirect and zerodha directly via one click.And more brokers will be added based on demand.
What is the Accuracy for scalping tool?
In very volatile and fast moving market accuracy is around 70 to 80% with just 3 or 4 point stop loss as it can detect exacct reversal points . In flat market there will be lot of noise , so please use this as order entry tool for your strategy.
How does scalping tool works ?
It works on second by second basis , It does not repaint any signals and since it is leading indicator it will give exact signal before the price movement happens. Scalping tool algorithm is based on Live support / Resistance , volume spread analysis , Order flow analysis and 20+ algorithm for 20 heavy weight stocks , Index and futures of Nifty and banknifty.
Can I scalp in future ?
You can scalp in future when market is very volatile , Also you can use scalping tool for your exact order entry to avoid slippages and at exact reversal point.
Can I use it my mobile ?
You can use certain charts in mobile , but you cannot use one click trader in mobile.
Are Stock supported ?
We support only 12 heavyweight stocks. Reliance , hdfc , infy , tcs , itc , hindunilever , Hdfcbank , icicibank , axisbank , sbin , kotakbank , indusindbank.
What kind of charts are available in Tradingtoolx ?
You can create Line chart for strangle , straddle , IV , Open interest , Nifty , banknifty future chart with vwap , Global chart , vix , Option charts , zones , smart oi charts , tick by tick charts , 12 heavyweights stocks.
Can I get free trial?
Sorry , We are paying huge cost for our server since it process tick by tick data , More free users = Low latency for our premium members , also we are limiting Total number of premium users aswel for good performance for our existing members
Why there is lots of noise in scalping tool ?
Like I have said earlier , Its not the noise in tool , but the noise in banknifty and nifty price, as this scalping tool predicts the next few seconds movement earlier it gets noise even for 4 or 5 points movement , But be assured that before any big movement , scalping tool will give exact signal , and it gives very accurate signal when market is very volatile.
Tip : Please use this tool only when there big candles present in nifty / banknifty.
Can I do scalping in option buying?
You can do scalping in buying aswel as selling.But to find right time to buy or sell , please watch the IV.
Where can I access the tools ?
You can access all our tools in web browser like chrome , Scalping tool works even in mobile.No minium requirement for RAM , It works smooth on all devices.
What is IV?
Think of IV as the value which shows us if option premium is over valued or under valued .In intraday , usually if the IV went up very high it tends to fall , So option seller can make use of it and option buyers can stay away from option buying when iv falling.
What is Live IV chart and its benefits?
Live Iv charts comes with scalping tool and intraday IV chart comes with Advanced option chain.I would say that if you scalping / trading without looking at IV chart , you are missing 80% of edge.We provide live IV chart based on 10 cumulative call and put option.You get an edge when you do option buying when the IV is already fell down and increasing... and if you doing option selling always sell option after IV increased and starts to fall.
Is there any Tutorial Videos
I create Tutorial videos Every week , Please check my youtube Playlist.