Important Links For New Members

Name Link Notes
TTX Trend Strategy - Must watch Systematic Trading Video
In this Strategy video I explain how to enter trades with predefined system and rules.
OneClick V3 Oneclick V3 complete video
Click here to read Full Documentation for oneclick V3
Click here For all V3 shortcuts
Download new desktop version by scrolling to bottom of your Dashboard. It is same for all supported brokers.
Installing One Click + Latest Features. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZFKSBfwaH8
Click here to read the Release notes
Download new desktop version by scrolling to bottom of your Dashboard. It is same for all supported brokers.
Basic Features of One Click + Trailing Basic Features
New Feature update
This is basics for those who never used oneclick before , Ignore the first 2 minutes as new installation method is covered in above row.
Intraday Trend Finder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRjsdVA_O7A Find the trend of nifty and banknifty with this tool , watch tutorial to know about it.
Risk management https://tradingtoolx.com/notes/risk-management.html Risk management is 60% , my tools and strategies are remaining 40% , so make sure you follow my risk management rules or your own rules before following any of tradingtoolx strategies.
Scalping Latest method https://youtu.be/geEtyrb1fG0 There are lots of videos about scalping in my channel , they are old. Just follow this video and follow the rules in below rule if you are scalper.
Scalping Rules https://tradingtoolx.com/notes/scalping-rules.html Follow all the rules if you need high accuracy in scalping
Customising your charts and layouts Basics - https://youtu.be/LJCevYtXxhI
Tips & shortcuts - https://youtu.be/pOjcvnSfBn0
There are lots of pre made layouts in bottom of Smart index 2.Follow this video to customise and create charts and layouts , however you want.
How to use option explorer Basics : https://youtu.be/VLnS77-vg-U
Creating option charts like IV chart , straddle/strangle chart , open interest chart etc..
Create Straddle/strangle charts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfNCWbQuWoc Learn how to create straddle and strangle charts very quickly
Create Open Interest charts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PC7SqI_EdT8 Learn how to create single and multi strike open interest charts very quickly
Implied Volatility https://youtu.be/Ul_1LgIH0Rg Option sellers and buyers must watch video.
Materials Download one_click_shorcuts.pdf
You can download pdfs like shortcuts and basic guides.